Since our last update we have started getting busier again, with a lot of work being scheduled in. We are obviously still operating within the current guidelines but it is good to get back out there helping our clients with all their electrical testing needs.

With some of the British workforce moving back into workplaces, now it’s more important than ever to ensure your building compliance work is completed and up-to-date. We have seen an increase in enquiries in several areas of testing services because these tests are vital to providing a safe environment for employees or tenants.

Thermal Imaging

thermal imagingMany office building or factories have been empty for a prolonged period of time or running at a much reduced level. Now buildings are starting to be occupied again or increasing their level of production, tenants and landlords need to check that their distribution boards are running without issues and ensure all their circuit breakers are working within safe temperature levels. Thermal Imaging Surveys can pick up problems such as overheating components that may not be revealed during standard testing.

We always say that “prevention is always better than cure, especially where electricity is concerned.” A professional thermal imaging survey of your building’s fixed electrical components will highlight any electrical faults that need to be fixed before they completely fail. Also, because a thermal survey is non-intrusive it’s very fast and efficient. By undertaking these tests before your building is fully occupied again can identify problems and ensure your building is ready to get back up to full capacity.

PAT Testing

laptopsPAT testing is always required and that hasn’t changed during the pandemic. With many employees working from home and taking portable appliances with them, it would be wise to check these devices to ensure they are still fit for purpose. Many employers will have no way of knowing whether equipment has been damaged in some way in the last few months. After this period of inactivity in many workplaces, appliances may have experienced faults and should be checked before employees are back in more regularly.

Fixed Wire Testing

electrical testingWhilst buildings are still empty or very quiet, now is a great time to undertake fixed wire testing. This is because this form of testing can be intrusive and is usually done in the evenings or the very early morning. With no one around this testing can be undertaken in the daytime, before employees come back. Fixed wire testing involves testing to check that all circuit breakers and circuits are working properly and aren’t under any stress or having issues. This is a more intricate view of distribution boards than thermal imaging and although it takes more time and requires a more delicate approach, it is an essential piece of work to get buildings ready to go again.

Act now!

Whilst buildings are quiet this is a good time to get your building in order and up to date with regulations. Without employees trying to use the building, testing can be done with the minimum amount of disruption. Add to that the fact that many sites and the appliances within them have been dormant for many months, it is important to check that everything is in working order before staff are welcomed back in larger numbers. Take the time now to get everything in order, so after many months you can be up and running as soon as you can.

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