Most offices and workplaces have a microwave in their staff kitchen that gets daily use. Unlike a microwave in someone’s home, it is likely that a workplace microwave is not well looked after. Most people use it and then walk away. No one wants to clean up the food stains of someone else! But a rusted and unclean microwave can be hazardous for everyone in the office. It is important that it is kept clean and tested regularly. In our PAT testing role, we frequently see microwave failures.

Microwaves are very useful appliances to have in a workplace kitchen but it is vital that they are looked after and checked regularly. So, what are the issues with microwaves and how can you prevent them?

Microwave rust

One of the most common issues we find with microwaves is exposed rust. Rust is caused when users do not leave the door open after cooking something. This causes steam and condensation within the microwave. This then leads to the paint peeling off, revealing the metal underneath. When the microwave continues to be used with the metal exposed, rust develops.

A build-up of food inside a microwave is not just unhygienic. If not cleared away food particles can harden and can lead to rust and damage to the internal coating of the oven. Rust can occur on any part of the inside of a microwave and can be hard to spot, especially in places such as the inside of the door.

When a rusty microwave is used it can spark and catch fire and potentially leak radiation. If your microwave is already rusted, we advise you to remove it immediately and get a replacement.

How to prevent rust

It is important to make sure users leave the door of the microwave open after use to allow it to air properly.

The microwave also needs to be cleaned regularly. Make sure you always unplug the microwave before cleaning and clean the inside of the door as well as the oven itself.

Regularly check the door glass, door seals and internal coatings for cracks and damage. If any defects are found the microwave should be unplugged immediately and reported.

Make sure that the microwave is placed in a spot with good ventilation to allow it to work efficiently and safely.

How can Equiptest help me?

We are PAT testing experts who will check your microwave for any signs of damage and/or microwave leakage, using the latest Leak Test Equipment and report them to you immediately. By carrying out regular servicing and testing we can ensure appliances are safe to use.

Contact us to find out more.