Well, here we are at the end of another year! COVID 19 has again been a dominant presence which has presented us and our clients with certain challenges. Despite this we have adapted and changed some of our processes to meet and surpass these challenges. Now as 2021 draws to a close we look forward to 2022.

So, what have we been up to this year?

Continuing to deal with COVID 19

The pandemic has continued to affect our working practices and we have adapted to ensure we provide a safe workplace for our staff and clients. All our engineers undertake daily lateral flow testing and all our staff are fully vaccinated. During this year we are proud to have been able to give continued electrical compliance support to over 600 care locations.

This year has seen signs of more staff returning to the workplace. For clients with a large number of employees still working at home we have undertaken PAT testing of equipment in home environments to maintain compliance. This obviously kept us busy as we were visiting multiple home locations rather than one singular office.


A Successful bid for a National MOD provider

office with computersIn exciting new client news, earlier this year we were successful in winning a national bid for a major MOD partner.

These works include Thermal Imaging, LV infrastructure, Switch Gear Servicing, Electrical Installation Condition Reports and PAT Testing.

Every building across their portfolio is having a 100% test. This involves many stakeholders to enable the building/sites can to be powered down and the works completed. Some sites have not been tested for some time due to their complexity.

We can proudly say we have delivered successful shutdowns and testing across 60% of the client sites nationally. Each one has been a success and this is due to the fantastic team at Equiptest and our client’s commitment to achieving compliance.


An Increase in demand for Lighting Protection Risk Assessments

Whether (if you pardon the pun) it’s down to environmental changes we are not sure, but we have seen a 500% demand in Lightning Protection Risk Assessments. Our clients have seen an increase in Lightning Strikes which have led them to undertake Risk Assessments to protect their buildings. In a high volume of cases a Lightning Protection System was installed to ensure that the danger to life, property and business continuity is massively reduced. Find out more here.


An Increase demand in Power Quality Analysis

The reason for the increase in demand for our power correction service is a desire and need to save energy. A power quality analysis determines the efficiency of a client’s electrical supplies. In every case we investigated we found that a site’s supplies were affected by plant and equipment usage. This usage was causing a detrimental effect on the power factor to each of these sites. With this knowledge we recommended, installed and commissioned de-tuned power factor correction units to help reduce energy consumption and costs. We are pleased to report that our clients are seeing a return on investment almost instantly. If you are interested in this service you can find out more here


Make sure your building is safe in 2022

Every year, and even more so this year, our top priority is keeping people safe and ensuring our clients’ building compliance is up to date. We do this by having our engineers on site testing, making recommendations on how components can be changed to increase building efficiency and performing repairs and maintenance of equipment as required.

As always, we are still offering phone calls to discuss your needs and can come to you for a site visit if required. There has never been a better time to ensure the safety of your employees. With so much uncertainty around the timing of a return to the workplace, having your building compliance complete is extremely important for any preparations for the return to work.


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See you in 2022!