2023 has been a busy year at Equiptest! The team has been hard at work ensuring all of our clients are safe, compliant, and informed. All areas of work have been on the rise this year; our expertise and quality customer service has aided our growth and we are thankful for every client that has trusted Equiptest.

We have had a very successful year, so, what are our highlights of 2023?

The continuing popularity of Lightning Protection Services

There must be something in the Air!!! Electrical Storms maybe…..

We have seen an increase of 300% in lightning protection risk assessment enquiries, spanning both domestic and commercial properties.  These risk assessments have ensured that clients are protected, both in life and business. Being risk averse is the best way to act; lightning protection risk assessments aid in preventing disastrous results to both people and buildings.

The Royal Metrological Society States:lightning strike

“A thunderstorm is a storm produced by a cumulonimbus cloud, accompanied by lightning and thunder and usually producing gusty winds, heavy rain, sometimes hail and, under extreme conditions, tornadoes.

Approximately 2000 thunderstorms are occurring at any given time around the world, with 100 lightning strikes every second and 8 million lightning strikes a day.

The basic ingredients for a thunderstorm are fairly simple: moisture, rapidly rising unstable air (air that will keep rising if given a nudge) and something to provide that nudge. This lift can come from weather fronts, sea breezes or mountains. You can even get lift from the cool outflow of a thunderstorm, known as a gust front. This in turn causes the development of a new thunderstorm.

Because moisture and warmth are crucial to thunderstorms, they occur more often in the spring and summer, particularly in humid areas. They are most likely to happen during the afternoon and evening hours. During winter, you may experience thundersnow, an unusual thunderstorm that occurs when snow (or graupel or hail) falls instead of rain.”

There is a reason that we have seen such a huge increase in enquiries. Studies have shown that rising global temperatures as a result of climate change have had a direct effect on the chance of thunderstorms. Warmer air holds approximately 7% more moisture per 1°C of warming, boosting the chance of thunderstorms and often resulting in more violent storms and a higher frequency of lightning strikes. By proactively protecting yourself with a lightning protection risk assessment by Equiptest, you can feel safe and secure that you will be prepared for the future.

You can discover more about our lightning protection services here. Lightning Protection – What it is and why you need it!

Power Factor Correction installations

We have often talked on our blog about the benefits of Power Factor correction for your business. 2023 has been a great year for the power quality analysis we have undertaken. We presented our findings to one of the largest domestic insurance companies in the UK, providing quality advice, recommendations, and projected returns on investment. After listening to our expert advice, this company chose to commission Equiptest to manufacture and install power factor correct units across all of their UK locations!

This company was able to benefit from this technology, saving tens of thousands per year and keeping their business running smoothly nationwide. We are looking forward to promoting these installations to further clients in 2024 and aiding their business in running smoothly, safely, and effectively.

If you are interested in investigating this for your business, find out more here. What is Power Factor Correction and why is it important?

Portable Appliance Testing

well donePAT testing has always been a cornerstone of our business. Where others fail, Equiptest has succeeded. In 2023, we were able to save a previously failing portable appliance testing contract for a government department. This client has chosen the Equiptest team due to our can-do mindset and we have been told that we have exceeded expectations!

To say the client is pleased is an understatement. Teamwork, flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy is at the core of what we do and this has shown in our successful work. The team has put in a fantastic effort, putting the client first and working to ensure the work can be completed in a timely manner. Flexibility is key in all areas of our work, especially when dealing with government bodies. We are determined to keep up this work and continue across further departments across the UK!

Well done to the Equiptest Team for your fantastic effort. You should all be very proud. The portable appliance testing team at Equiptest are renowned for their efficiency and accuracy, ensuring that they provide a quality service and keep workspaces safe from hazards.

Keeping people safe

As with every year before, our top priority is keeping people safe and keeping our clients’ building compliance up to date. We follow regulatory requirements by communicating concisely and effectively any necessary changes. This is achieved through our engineers on the ground; their years of expertise allows them to professionally recommend any adjustments that can help increase building efficiency and, where needed, perform repairs and maintenance of equipment.

The team at Equiptest is looking forward to what 2024 brings and are looking to continue growing with our clients as our focus! If you want to be one of our very happy clients in 2024 just Get In touch.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2024!