Thermal Imaging Survey

Faults in your electrical installation usually only come to light when they burn out or completely fail, causing risk of fire or plant disruption. A thermal imaging survey will highlight problem areas, so any issues can be addressed.

Why do I need an thermal imaging survey?

Prevention is always better than cure, especially where electricity is concerned. Thermography is recognised for the first time in the current 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations as a method of effectively maintaining your electrical systems, and is becoming a more common request from insurance companies before acceptance can be given.

A professional thermal survey allows you to detect electrical faults before the components fail and because it’s non-intrusive, it’s extremely fast and efficient. It’s also a valuable way to identify fire risks without having to power down important areas. The survey can replace the expensive and disruptive task of yearly inspection required by many planned maintenance regimes.

How can Equiptest help you?

We use the latest industry-leading cameras and software to produce high-precision reports that clearly identify any problems so you can take immediate action without all the added disruption of invasive exploration. All our thermographers are ECA approved to ensure that images are interpreted correctly and thoroughly. Rather than simply providing images of ‘hot spots’, we provide detailed reports and conclusions, enabling the correct action to be carried out.

We also offer a thermal imaging survey as a complementary service to our fixed installation testing. Thermal imaging can pick up problems such as overheating components that may not be revealed during standard testing.

How would a thermal imaging building survey help me?

We can carry out a survey on your property or home, and produce a report which will clearly identify heat loss or energy wastage. We conduct heat loss surveys for a wide range of clients including managing agents and property developers, who find that their heating costs have soared or who have a particular concern with a room, extension, or the whole property.

A thermal imaging survey can identify the areas of heat loss, locate areas of cold bridging, identify air leaks and find water damage. This can help improve the comfort in a home and save energy if we can identify badly insulated areas that are resulting in energy loss. A thermal imaging survey could also help you avoid any unnecessary repairs.

Can you use thermal imaging for roofs?

For roof leaks we can use high specification equipment to locate and highlight leaks in flat roofs. This can save huge amounts of time and money, often allowing clients to carry out minor repairs as opposed to mass renewal of roofs.

What about aerial surveys?

Our very high resolution camera systems allow us to capture images from the air and map out large areas of towns, cities or landscapes. These images can be used by councils to identify areas requiring remedial repairs or additional insulation..

Do you need a thermal imaging survey?

With years of experience and the latest high tech equipment we can use thermal imaging to identify faults and heat loss. Contact us to find out how we can help you.  Based in Bristol we cover the whole of the UK.