As we start to turn our minds to a greener future, there has never been so much pressure on home and business owners to run energy efficient properties. This is especially true in the commercial sector, where businesses are encouraged to ensure they are doing everything possible to run a clean building and reduce energy wastage and harmful emissions.

We all need to take responsibility for the future of not only our country, but also our world and should be doing everything we can to make sure the properties we own and run are as energy efficient as possible.

Here we explain everything you need to know about conducting an energy audit for your property and the benefits it could bring.

What does an energy audit involve?

Here at Equiptest we use the latest high-tech equipment and advanced software to perform a non-invasive energy audit and survey of your building to give you a highly accurate account of the running costs and CO2 emissions of your property.

The scope of work includes an assessment of the building, compliant with current regulations that comprises;

  • A room-by-room and external visual inspection of the building, its construction, heating systems and components and articles relevant to the energy efficiency of the building, in accordance with industrial standards, where relevant.
  • Using the findings from a governmental approved calculation engine, likely improvement options are investigated by applying them through the calculation engine.
  • Using various sources we calculate the likely financial costs, savings and projected payback periods to aid the selection of various improvement options.

Detailed report of the survey resultsfloorplan

Our use of state-of-the-art Thermal imaging survey equipment means our report contains easy to understand thermal imagery of your building. You will be able to clearly see the areas that require improvement. We can literally paint a picture of what you need to do to start the process of becoming more energy efficient. We provide a detailed analysis of the improvements that could be undertaken and the proposed savings and CO2 emissions you would enjoy if the suggested improvement are implemented.

The sooner you make the changes, the sooner you can start to enjoy the rewards that this can bring.

Save money and help the environment

Undertaking an energy audit and implementing the suggested changes is not only going to save you money in terms of your energy costs, but will also help to cut down harmful emissions that could cause inefficiency or property defects.

We can also use the results of the survey to recommend future investment in renewable energy solutions that not only save you money, but also decrease the amount of CO2 emissions that your property could be pumping into the atmosphere on a daily basis.

Always Independent

As independent auditors, we only recommend what you need to do, we do not promote and are not connected to any manufacturers or suppliers, so our advice is, and always will be, totally impartial and tailored to your needs.

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