CCTV Maintenance and Testing

We currently maintain CCTV systems within many different sectors from residential houses, to pubs, shops, hotels, factories, farms, schools and leisure centres.

Why do I need CCTV maintenance?

CCTV is an important safeguarding system for many businesses so, it is vital that they are maintained regularly to keep them in good working order. If a theft or damage occurs you need to know that the cameras are working. In event of a claim many insurers would want evidence that your CCTV system has been maintained correctly.

How can Equiptest help you?

Our CCTV maintenance schedules ensure that your system is working to its full potential and help to enhance its life span. In addition to all our checks we can retrain the users of the CCTV system, if required. We are also available to discuss any issues with you whilst on site.

We can also advise you on your compliance with Data Protection Act if you have any concerns. We ensure we log all test results and submit maintenance reports to you, including any recommendations for system improvements.

What does a CCTV maintenance schedule include?

Our maintenance visit will include checking the history of your CCTV system since the last visit. We will visually inspect all major CCTV components including the cabling & connections, where accessible, for signs of deterioration or damage. We will check all CCTV control equipment including monitors, DVR/NVR and Multiplexer. As necessary we will check and clean cameras, lenses, and housings and ensure they have the correct field of view.

We will check the recording and playback quality and compare current recorded images to previously taken reference images, and change the settings if required. We will also report on any temporary obscuring of camera images, such as growing trees and bushes and repair any minor faults where possible.

Do you need CCTV maintenance?

If you have CCTV and would benefit from a comprehensive maintenance schedule,  we are here to help you.  Based in Bristol we cover the whole of the UK.