Solar Energy

Use solar panels to generate your own energy.  Keep your solar panels in good working order with regular maintenance



What is solar energy?

Solar Energy is a form of renewable energy. Solar energy harnesses the power of the sun using solar panels. Solar energy, when used for heating purposes, is called Solar Thermal or solar heating. When used for generating electricity, it is called solar photovoltaic. This electricity generation is done using special cells called ‘Photovoltaic cells’ that are made from semi-conductor materials.

Passive solar involves making direct use of the sun’s energy in order to heat the air inside homes and absorb the maximum possible solar power in order to keep homes warm. One good example of passive solar heating is passive solar air heaters.

How can Equiptest help me?

We can install solar panels in your home to heat water or convert solar energy into solar electricity. Home solar electricity can be used for many purposes including powering small or low power domestic appliances, LED lighting, back-up electricity for domestic use, parking meters, burglar alarm systems, caravan lighting and much more. We have the experience and expertise to allow you to create solar energy to meet your needs.

At Equiptest, we provide you with maintenance and testing for your solar panels once installed. We are careful to think about the long term health of your solar panels and understand that any unforeseen damage caused by weather conditions, pollution, traffic dust or even bird droppings can lead to your installations failing to operate to its maximum efficiency.  Our skilled staff can check all elements of the system and make any repairs as required.


Why do I need to maintain my solar panels?

We understand that the maintenance of your solar pv system is essential to its efficient operation and maximum feedback income, so solar panel owners should be vigilant of the effects of general wear and tear on their solar panels. Experts have agreed that dirty solar panels produce far less energy than a clean panel, which can drastically effect the efficiency and monetary value of your installed solar panels.

Having clean, well maintained, solar panels will help them work to their maximum capabilities and look a lot better.  Your Feed-in-Tariff payments can improve and we use the latest Thermal Camera Technology to capture images of any damage on the panels and to maintain the optimum working temperature of your inverters.

Do you need help with your solar panels?

If you want to harness the power of renewable energy, contact us to find out how we can help.  Based in Bristol we cover the whole of the UK.