As another incredibly busy year coming to the end it is time to round up everything that has happened in 2019. This year all our services, such as PAT Testing, Thermal Imaging, Fixed Wire Testing and Solar Panel Maintenance have been in high demand. We have expanded our services again in 2019, with the addition of Radon Gas Detection to our services. With our new website and monthly blog updates up and running there are plenty of ways to find out our news and learn how to keep yourself safe. We are always here for you so contact us if you need any help and advice.

So, what else have we been up to in 2019?

Increase in demand for Thermal Imagingthermal imaging

Thermal Imaging is used for the detection of heat loss or gain within an area of work, mostly based around distribution boards. We are able to identify any circuits in the working area where too much energy is being used, or not enough energy is being directed along the breakers. With the cost of energy and heat a rising problem within the UK, it is important to find ways to be more efficient. Thermal imaging helps to identify a problem before it’s too late. With our detailed pictures and reports, using the latest thermal camera software, we can help our clients to make energy efficient savings.

Air Circuit Breaker Maintenance

electrician circuit breakerAnother area where we have seen growth is the demand for more proactive Air Circuit Breakers. This is following on from last years increase. This year we have seen further changes in the market, with companies needing more proactive methods to protect themselves. One of our more proactive methods is simply buying essential spare parts for ACB’s. So, if we find a fault and can fix it with a relatively small amount of parts, having spares in the stock room saves a lot of time and money. This helps us to get a building back up to full compliance quickly, rather than having to wait for the order and delivery of spare parts.

When finding obsolete Air Circuit Breakers and associated tripping devices we have been able to offer our clients proactive retrofit solutions. For example, where an existing ACB is obsolete and no spares can be procured, we are able to fit new and up-to-date products, or to upgrade existing ones, to ensure the safety of our clients.  As 99% of all Air Circuit Breakers are made to order, if a failure occurs our client’s businesses could be left vulnerable and at risk. Our approach demonstrates that in today’s climate of constant use of I.T systems and Data Reliance, clients are positive in welcoming more proactive methods of upgrading and repairs.

Increase in Lightning Protection Risk Assessmentslightning strike

Another area where demand has propelled again from last year is Lightning Protection. Buildings with high steeples, metal anywhere near the top of the roof, or pointing roofs, are always at risk of being struck by lightning. With climate change and weather the constantly changing weather, it is important to be protected against the elements. Insurance companies are becoming increasingly savvy towards lightning protection and may reduce payments if you do not have the correct protection installed. Often, when we do an assessment of a building we find that there is little to no protection installed. This can cause a major risk for the inhabitants and the devices inside. We now have a team dedicated to analysis, surveying, upgrading and installing new systems for our clients to ensure that they are safe and we can communicate to their insurers that the issue has been dealt with.

Our most in demand services

electrical testingOnce again, our most in demand services have been PAT Testing and Fixed Wire Testing, also known as Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). We test over three quarters of a million circuits a year, and this keeps growing as we gain a bigger clientele, including more multi-national companies. Electrical faults cause around 20% of all fires in buildings. Insurance companies now request more and more documents, including EICR reports and this can often lead to an increase in companies scrambling to get their testing done ASAP! As much as it is important for everyone to get their testing done, ensuring adequate time for testing means there is no pressure or stress on our systems or yours.  We can then ensure the best testing and analysis is completed so your entire building is as safe as can be.

With PAT Testing, as always, there is a huge demand on our services. Luckily with the team we have we can get everyone booked in, tested, and fully compliant. Our client range extends from hundred-million pound companies all the way down to charity shops and bakeries. Nobody is ever too big or small for us to help. We are always more than happy to help anyone become fully compliant and make their portable appliances safe for the workplace. PAT Testing is a 12-monthly requirement so, if you feel your appliances are out of date please feel free to call or email us and we can give you a quote on the same day.

Make sure your buildings are safe in 2020

Our goal is to help people with their building compliance, whether that is testing portable devices or helping with the repair and maintenance of safety equipment. We can have a chat on the phone or arrange a site visit to discuss your needs. More and more businesses and building owners are becoming wise to the fact that building compliance is one of the top priorities today.  With more and more appliances and systems being installed in buildings there is never a better time to become compliant and safe. If you would like to get in touch about any of the 20+ services we provide, feel free to get in touch.

We look forward to working with you in 2020!