As electric bills soar many people are looking at alternative energy options. You may have noticed more solar panels appearing on the roofs of the houses around you. As established providers of solar panels and solar panel maintenance we are here to help you if you decide to invest in solar panels.

Here we provide you with all the information you need regarding solar panel installation and maintenance.

What are the benefits of solar panels? Are they worth the investment?

Solar panels are an investment but the rapid increase in energy costs has reduced the amount of time it takes to recoup the initial costs.  Obviously the cost of installation will be affected by how many panels are required and the type of panels used.

There are many advantages to using power created by the sun, one of natures free resources.. These include;

  • A reduction in energy bills – One main reason to convert your power source to solar energy is to cut electricity bills. This is a powerful benefit at the moment.
  • It’s a renewable energy source – Solar energy is a good alternative to fossil fuels as your main energy source because solar power is renewable.
  • It’s environmentally friendly – Any effort that can reduce pollution in the environment helps to save the planet. Solar panels are able to harness the energy from the sun and convert it to electricity, making solar panels an environmentally friendly form of power generation.
  • It can increase the value of your property.
  • You can earn money from the extra energy you generate.

The average break even point for solar panels is around 10 years. There is a good article on that explains the investment and costs associated with solar panels. Solar panels, are they worth it? 

Why do I need to maintain my solar panels?

Once you have invested in solar panels, protecting and maintaining your investment is vital. Solar panels should last for 25-30 years. All electrical systems should be tested periodically and solar energy systems are no different. Although solar panels are durable, they need to be maintained well to last. Maintenance of your Solar PV system is essential to ensure it runs efficiently and you get the maximum feedback income. It is important that solar panel owners are vigilant of the effects of general wear and tear on their solar panels. Experts have agreed that dirty solar panels produce far less energy than a clean panel and this can drastically affect the efficiency and monetary value of your installed solar panels.

Having clean, well maintained, solar panels will help them work to their maximum capabilities and also make them look a lot nicer on your roof! In addition, your feed-in-tariff payments will improve over time and hopefully the benefits you get from installing the system will increase.

This means that with regular maintenance, your solar panels will:

  • Perform at their best, maintaining their optimal service performance
  • Last even longer
  • Be a better long-term investment, with better financial returns

We advise carrying out maintenance on your solar panels 2 – 4 times a year to maximise efficiency.

How can Equiptest help me?

At Equiptest, we can provide you with professional installation and then maintenance and testing of your solar panels. We are careful to think about the long term health of your solar panels and understand that any unforeseen damage caused by weather conditions, pollution, traffic dust or even bird droppings can lead to your installations failing to operate to its maximum efficiency. Our skilled staff can check all elements of the system and make any repairs as required.

Our maintenance checks include the following:

  • Visual inspection of the panels
  • Checks of the inverter, meter and other components
  • Current and voltage check
  • Inspection of roof condition
  • Analysis of energy production
  • A general inspection.

All inspections are carried out with the latest thermal imaging technology, to ensure there are no technical faults on any panels.

What do I do if my solar panels aren’t working?

If you are concerned that your solar panel system might not be working correctly there are a few checks that you can carry out to try and identify any issues.

This includes:

  • Checking your generation meter for any warning lights
  • Tracking and analysing the figures on your generation meter
  • Comparing your actual output to your quote (to spot any significant difference).

If there are any problems at all, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Often we can help over the phone, however if it is a more technical issue, we can make time to come to your location as soon as possible.

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