We have always understood the value of thermal imaging surveys to our clients. It is an amazing tool to help identify issues and protect buildings and equipment from harmful power surges. So, what are the top benefits to your business of utilising this technology?

No down time

There is no need to shut down your operational systems during a thermal imaging audit. This allows your production to carry on as normal so there is no effect on your productivity.

Cost effective

As always prevention is better than cure. Early detection of faulty systems or components means any remedial work required can be planned and completed before more serious problems and damage occurs. When systems break unexpectedly there will be costly interruptions to your operational systems on top of the cost of fixing or replacing the broken equipment. Planned maintenance work can be factored into your budgeting.

Fast and accurate

Thermal imaging surveys can quickly scan and measure the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of machinery and electrical equipment under normal load conditions. There is no need for lengthy preparation or pre inspection work.

No risk of damage to equipmentthermal imaging

A thermal imaging survey is a non-invasive process. There is no physical contact with the machinery and consequently no potential for damage to the systems or equipment.

Improves Health and Safety

Early detection of problems reduces the potential for serious health and safety issues developing in the future. By finding issues before they become dangerous the possibility of staff injury and fire risks are lower.

Transforms the maintenance processes

Utilising thermal imaging technology has revolutionised predictive maintenance inspection programmes. By detecting problems and scheduling repairs before a major failure occurs, productivity, profitability and workplace safety are all improved.

A thermal imaging survey could make the difference right now

The COVID 19 pandemic has led to many buildings being empty or running at a reduced capacity for a year. Now buildings are slowly starting to be reoccupied we have seen an increase in demand for our thermal imaging surveys. After being dormant for so long distribution boards are now getting an increased amount of power flowing through them. Sometimes this rate is quicker because buildings have been “shut down” for an extended period. This situation means that it is vital to prevent power surges that could cause significant damage. Businesses want power to flow efficiently once their buildings are re occupied. Thermal imaging surveys can be completed before a building becomes fully operational again to assess whether there are any issues within the system.

Why use Equiptest?

We are skilled and experienced in using thermal imaging to benefit our clients. We only use the latest industry leading cameras and software. All our thermographers are ECA approved so you can be assured that all images are interpreted correctly and thoroughly. We don’t just provide you with images of “hot spots”,detaile we will give you detailed reports and conclusions based on our findings. These comprehensive reports clearly identify any problems, allowing you to take immediate action without the need for more invasive explorations that could disrupt your business.

If we undertake your Fixed Electrical Testing, thermal imaging surveys are part of our service. To discover more about our thermal imaging surveys and how we can help you, Contact us.